Wünterblock: By heart 
Coco Moya. (2015).
Exhibited at the UCM Youth Award 2016

Wünterblock: By heart, Coco Moya. Triptych of folding albums Digital photography on paper and gold leaf. 59x81cm 2015. 

The series Wünterblock: By heart, is an essay on affective and unconscious memory, a visual treatise on the art of memory and countermemory. The process is inspired by Freud's description of memory, when he compares it to a magic blackboard (wünderblock). Once what is on the surface of memory is erased, the information goes to the bottom or the unconscious, where it remains inscribed forever, forming an amalgam of superimposed memories inaccessible to consciousness. The second part of the title refers to the expression in English "by heart" which translates as "learn by heart", and which reveals a conception of the construction of memory more related to the emotional and affective since by heart means literally "from the heart".

Strangely, the expression in Spanish has a much more mechanical connotation. How different is a memory associated with emotion, -what sets it in motion-, intertwined with what moves us, which marks the milestones of our personal history, and which constitutes our identity through memory. For the purpose of a radical transformation, I wonder if this memory can be reconfigured. This is an archive that embarks on a paradoxical process that oscillates between preserving and altering its own memory. It is a decomposing memory, collapsed in on itself, a cannibal collage. Will to power of disappearance as Hakim Bey would say, paraphrasing Nietzsche.