Do not talk with your mouth full
Coco Moya and Ricardo Fernández. (2022)Performed and exhibited at
She Makes Noise La Casa Encendida (2022)
Fine Arts School UCM (2021)
Villa of Veranes,  PACA, Casa Antonino. (2017)

Do not talk with your mouth full.
Munkbang: Mother Dough
A psychedelic eating show around bread. 
15min. Sound performance. 
Presented at the She Makes Noise festival (La Casa Encendida) and the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM.
Coco Moya and Ricardo Fernández. (2022)

The piece, "Do not talk with your mouth full", with the subtitle “Munkbang: Sourdough. A psychedelic eating show around bread”, is a collaboration with the artist Ricardo Fernández, whose doctoral research revolves around food and bread as a daily element, full of social and cultural connotations.

The performance explores food in an ASMR code, its munkbang (eating show) subgenre * exhibiting the sound, ingestion and chewing of the act of eating and its relationship to orality. On the table, like a last supper, the bread is swallowed while a projection approaches the textures of the live process in its most explicit rawness, until reaching a narcotic and psychedelic composition.

The text that is recited during the performance is a free version that combines extracts from “Caosmosis” by Félix Guattari, “A la escucha” by Jean Luc Nancy, and “Del arte saboer” by Juan Luis Moraza. Thus, a parallelism is established between the edible and the audible, both processes of conversion of an outside into an inside, and ultimately, in the emergence of subjectivity within that relationship of ingestion and listening.

Do not Talk With Your Mouth full (Trailer)

Extract from the text

...Do not talk with your mouth full. But full of what? Full of insides and outsides. The bread is the body that eats itself and engenders a for itself. Parasitism.

P p p pa pa paan pan pan pam Pam loves loves ma ma am loves loves mama ma ma a a a a

A MOUTH FULL OF WHAT? Word interface between the cosmic in-itself and the subjective for-itself. Orality a real-time update of the subject-object emergence.
MUTANT SUBJECTIVITY Radically mutant subjectivity, Individual who ingests and is ingested. Multitudinous subjectivity. Full of the outside and the other. Voice full of voices. Refuge of polyvocality. Aesthetic decentering of points of view, polyphonic reduction, recomposition, recreation, enrichment of sensitive matter... .Alterification, alterification, alterification
I is another. I is a multitude of others. Yo is a recursive nested hypertext. Yo is a hypertexted word, a link that redirects to another page, to another word, to another, to another portal. I is a portal From hypertexts to hyperobjects to hypersubjects.

From binary code to dynamic code. Interactivity, interorality, machinic cannibalism. Machinic orality, dynamic aesthetic machine of mutant identities, altered re-singling, populated, that re-feels the world. Polivocity, polyvocality, polyvocality. Political polysensoryity, aesthetic, scientific-sophical power. Intracolonizing animist machinic subjectivity. ...Everything should be edible. The word, like bread, does not represent, but rather exists.  

The Fire of San Antonio. 8'30" audio and photography. Specific audio piece for #PAN Landscape Inhabitants in the Roman Villa of Veranes, Asturias. Organized by PACA, Casa Antonino. 2017

The ASMR technique has been previously explored in other of my own pieces such as "Secreto a dos voces" (2017-18), and especially in the work "El fuego de San Antonio" (2017), where I made a recording eating bread too, this time emphasizing its relationship with female genealogy. Sourdough and bread connote a women's culture associated with care and nutrition. Some were accused of witches when preparing a bread, accidentally hallucinogenic -actually caused by the Ergot fungus or Claviceps Purpurea that grows on wheat. This hallucinogenic reaction, called ergotism or Saint Anthony's Fire, was the result of consuming contaminated bread, which was said to be cured by making a pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago.

* NOTE: ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: 'Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response') is a biological phenomenon characterized by a pleasant sensation that causes warmth and relaxation, and which can sometimes be accompanied by a certain tingling that is usually felt in the head, scalp or peripheral regions of the body in response to various visual and auditory stimuli. ASMR is a very popular phenomenon in YouTuber culture. Mukbang is a subgenre of ASMR that involves eating food in front of microphones.