Lithic lover. Art research and musician. 

  1. Earth-mud-voice 
  2. Input / Output L R
  3. Imaginary sound-scape 
  4. Nothing is just one thing. 
  1. Sound imagination. 
  2. Terrestrial reverb 
  3. Electronic haptic Lutherie.


How we relate to our territories
through hearing and touching?
Can we imagine an earth-mud-voice?
Can we sing with the landscape?
Can we en-chant again the places through music? 
I explore how the material and the imaginary are intertwined. Using interactive technology.
I try to animate the inner objects, adding an immaterial software to rocks, ceramics or minerals. 

Now, as in prehistoric times, nothing is just one thing. In a more technologically mediated way we amplify our experience of the world with avatars and multiple networked identities, and in the same way objects have a life without us,
and self-activating:
-the internet of things.

The Capitalocene grapples with the same old uncertainties of an uncontrollable planet...
It demands again the recovery of a sympathetic magic, a soft power, 
an indigenism. 
If in the Neolithic we were fascinated by the lunar cycles, now we are fascinated by the microwaves of the background of the universe, climatic flux, dark matter, black holes or artificial intelligence.
Instead of gods we have satellites,
Instead of telepathy we have wifi.
Inert worlds that communicate again through
sound metaphors.


Coco Moya (Gijón, 1982)  is artist and musician. She develops her artistic practice together with Iván Cebrián at Menhir art and music collective and as an individual artist.

Her research is focused on how technology, culture, and nature are touching each other in the landscape, through music and sound metaphors. Shifting from a cosmovision to a cosmo audition, the territory becomes a polyphonic writing that can be interpreted, through rhythms and melismas.  

Moya is a professor of Sound Landscape at the Faculty of Fine Arts TAI Arts, and has given lectures in various forums. She holds a PhD on Sound Geomancy, Landscape as score, at the UCM, where she also completed the MIAC Master's in Art and Research.

She has made performances or participated in exhibitions in art centers such as Azkuna Zentroa, Museum of Human Evolution, LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation, Sala Borrón, Sala de Arte Joven de Av. América, CICUS, Nau Côclea, La Casa Encendida, Cerezales Antonino and Cinia Foundation; and received awards such as the Can Farrera Art and Nature Scholarship, Plastic Arts Circuits, LABjoven Los Bragales, or Casa Velázquez.


cocomoya _at_ gmail.com
Music at  www.menhir.xyz  
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